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CICERO Concordia Competition 2014

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Gilman School, a private college preparatory school in Baltimore, Maryland,USA, is proud to be the first school in the United States to sponsor a group of students participating in the international Cicero Concordia Competition. Five seniors from the Classics Department at Gilman will be taking a competitive examination, along with students from nine other countries, this coming March.

Gilman School believes global education is extremely important for today’s students. “Cicero” is an acronym in Latin for certamen in concordiam Europae regionumque orbis, meaning “competition to promote harmony in Europe and the countries of the world.” One of the goals of the competition is to use Latin and Classical studies as a means for students to interact with each other and share common interests across national boundaries. Gilman enthusiastically joins in this effort.

The contest involves Latin translation and a Classical culture competition for students aged 16 to 18 from France, England, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Australia, South Korea, and now the United States. The theme of the competition this year will be the myth of Orpheus. The website provides further details.

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